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Lake County Fire, Disaster Relief & Hope Rising!

The Wellville community of Lake County, California has been hit by devastating fires. We’ve heard personal stories about the tragic loss of homes, possessions and pets by some of the local Wellville team members. And we’ve heard stories of hope, as community members pull together to help each other through and beyond the crisis. Our thoughts are with the local team and all of Lake County, and we are working on short-term and long-term ways to help.

Many have expressed concern and the desire to help. Here are two opportunities to donate:

  • North Coast Opportunities and the Mendo Lake Credit Union have established the Lake County Wildfire Relief Fund. You can read more about their efforts and impact here.
  • St. Helena Hospital Foundation has set up a fund to help employees who have been affected by the fires. Visit the donation page, click “donate”, then select “AH Employee Fire Relief Fund.”

>Other helpful resources:

The HICCup team will continue to seek ways to support the on-the-ground response, including referring organizations, resources and people who want to help. And we are committed to working with the Lake County Wellville team on the longer term rebuilding effort in a way that creates a healthier, more cohesive community that stands for the collective wellbeing of all.

In the midst of this tragedy, we are inspired by the optimism and resolve of the people of Lake County. This morning, Shelly Mascari, Director of Community Wellness at St. Helena Hospital, sent this excerpt from The Obstacle Is the Way: “A crisis provides the opportunity to do things we could not do before… something has happened, some disruptive event, like a failure or a tragedy or accident — use it.”

>As Shelly wrote recently, “It can be difficult to keep smiles on our faces and hope in our hearts when we face such a huge and devastating event… Lake County is full of stories of triumph. Let’s share these stories to inspire and encourage one another. We’re all in this together.”How apropos that just this summer the Lake County Wellville team set its new direction under the banner, Hope Rising. Visit their Facebook page for updates.
On behalf of the entire HICCup team, we appreciate your concern and your support.

– Esther, Rick, Marvin and Marya

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