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Wellville Gathering 2016

Spartanburg, SC | June 6-June 8

In preparing for the 2016 Gathering, our partners in the W5 told us what they most wanted was plenty of time with their Wellville peers. Therefore, we made sure there was abundant opportunity for cross-community learning during our three days together.

All the participants took home lessons that shaped the year ahead—lessons about successes achieved and, maybe more importantly, failures encountered. After all, it’s in the failures where we learn the most about the challenges we face in doing the work that’s central to Wellville. That work is always about better understanding where we are, clearly seeing where we need to go, and planning how to get there with an eye to conditions and challenges in constant flux. It’s difficult work that requires a broad understanding of what it means to be accountable. 

Esther and Jeff splashing in the fountain at the 2016 Gathering
Esther and Jeff splashing in the fountain at the 2016 Gathering.

The 2016 Wellville Gathering in photos​