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Wellville Gathering 2018

Muskegon County, MI | May 14-May 17

At the 2018 Wellville Gathering, teams from the Wellville 5 communities wrote the story they want to tell about their work in 2024, at the end of the Wellville project. We framed the story by asking four questions:

  1. What Will You Achieve?
    Reflect on your work so far to uncover the complexities and possibilities that affect your ultimate desired outcome(s).
  2. How Will You Do It?
    Define actions for achieving your desired outcome(s) in a way that can be tested
    and refined back home.
  3. What Have You Learned?
    You’ll be paired with another community team to present to and coach each other.
  4. How Will You Put This to the Test?
    Identify specific opportunities back home to test, refine and advance actions, with accountability for who, what and when.


Group photo with five people on a deck with water in the background
Some of the Lake County team enjoying Camp Pendalouan.

The 2018 Wellville Gathering in photos​