Techonomy: Cities Around America Strive for Wellville

Wellville's Rick Brush in North Hartford
Wellville’s Rick Brush in North Hartford. Photo by Steve Hamm

Rick Brush, Wellville’s leader and Advisor to North Hartford, was featured in this Techonomy piece about the North Hartford Ascend Pipeline, the Community Action Task Force (CATF), and the North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative.

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How Healthcare Revolutionaries Think: 10 Questions with Esther Dyson

Read this concise and insightful interview that’s distillation of Esther’s story, Wellville’s story, and the story of the American healthcare system that’s addicted to sickness. The revolutionary part, perhaps is that she tells these stories with large dose of optimism and determination.

Esther Juices with Gary at HLTH

At the HLTH conference earlier this summer, Esther sat down with Gary Earl to talk about how and why she founded Wellville, and what she’s learned so far. But first, they juiced!

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This op-ed by @phdworkin highlights how 2 Wellville communities (Spartanburg and North Hartford) are building trust and improving child wellbeing - both of which are long-term investments in health.

"If you want [public safety] policies that actually work [and save $$!], you have to change the political conversation from 'tough candidates punishing bad people' to 'strong communities keeping everyone safe.' "

Earlier this week at the @MilkenInstitute's Public Finance Forum, @edyson "predicted" that the US will reframe so-called "spending" - on things like healthcare, education, training, and so on - as critical long-term *investment* in human infrastructure.

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| Milken Institute

Permanent disruption appears to be the new normal for American life. Our opening panel brings together cross-sectoral ...

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