Techonomy: Cities Around America Strive for Wellville

Wellville's Rick Brush in North Hartford
Wellville’s Rick Brush in North Hartford. Photo by Steve Hamm

Rick Brush, Wellville’s leader and Advisor to North Hartford, was featured in this Techonomy piece about the North Hartford Ascend Pipeline, the Community Action Task Force (CATF), and the North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative.

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Esther Juices with Gary at HLTH

At the HLTH conference earlier this summer, Esther sat down with Gary Earl to talk about how and why she founded Wellville, and what she’s learned so far. But first, they juiced!

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At the @TallmanHotel and Blue Wing Saloon for the opening dinner for the Wellville Gathering, this year in beautiful Lake County. We're reunited - vaxxed, tested, outdoors - and it feels great.

Well, that's why podcasts beat videos... But @Levels podcast itself worth listening to... Self-awareness, investing in health vs. renting it with repair jobs (i.e. healthcare), and my favorite quadrant chart: @WayToWellville

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