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Wellville is committed to equity. People of color who reflect the demographics of our Wellville communities and those with lived experience around issues of equity are strongly encouraged to apply. Compensation range is competitive with similar early to mid career operations roles. Please share with your networks. To learn more about any of the positions below, send an email to: [email protected]


Communications Director (full time)

A key addition to the full-time, mostly-remote Wellville team, the Wellville Communications Director will develop and implement a multichannel influence strategy at local, state and national levels. Working with the rest of the Wellville team and our partners, this person will write and distribute stories, results and learning to generate support for and spread of community-centered approaches to equitable health and wellbeing, with the ultimate goal of influencing national narrative, policy and systems change. This is a contract position (see below) for a self-starter with exceptional writing and editing skills, media savvy and the ability to deliver content across all forms of communications. Key responsibilities:

  • Distill Wellville’s foundational principles and learnings and produce, publish and distribute them. Reinforce these messages to both internal and external audiences.
  • Clarify communications objectives and identify target audiences, including policymakers and other influential people, and develop a tactical campaign to reach them.
    • Spread the word/stories about the Wellville communities to build support/remove barriers in the way of community-driven change.
    • Contribute to a narrative shift that changes how our nation thinks about investing in health and long-term wellbeing and embeds this thinking in policies, systems and structures.
  • Engage media and other partners to weave Wellville stories and people, including individuals from the five Wellville communities (W5), into the in-progress national narrative change around what it takes to build healthy, thriving communities. 
  • Develop and implement tactics to achieve all of the above:
    • Position individuals from the Wellville team and W5 as thought leaders.
    • Write/edit blog posts; write/place external op-eds; actively post on social media (including some editing of photos and videos); update/manage website in line with core messaging and Wellville stories.
    • In partnership with the rest of the team, develop new storytelling vehicles, such as a podcast series (proposed).
    • Pitch Wellville stories to solutions-focused journalists and other influential people/groups.
    • Create/manage opportunities at conferences (speaking, running a panel, etc.).
    • Engage with influential think tanks and researchers.

Compensation: Wellville is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit project of New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Like all Wellville team members, this is a full-time contract position (not employee), with flexibility and lots of opportunities to bring your unique interests and talents into the work. You’ll be paid a monthly fee (commensurate with experience) based on the final agreed statement of work, plus reimbursement for project-related travel and other expenses. We are aiming to select the right candidate and start this contract position as soon as possible, continuing through the end of the Wellville project on December 31, 2024.


Conference Operations Manager (temporary)

Every year, we hold the Wellville Gathering, a three-day event that brings together our partners from the Wellville 5, the Wellville National team and Advisory Board, and other advisors and experts, to learn with and from each other.

We are looking for a detail-oriented conference operations manager to support the our in-person Gatherings. This is a short-term contract role, working with the internal Wellville team:

  • Planning/logistics: Book flights for participants, Identify/coordinate with local vendors (eg, transportation, meeting space, caterers, etc.), track all details for up to 80 participants (collecting bio and photo for the program, tracking all travel details), manage the contract cycle and payment processes, etc.
  • Event producing: Serve as onsite event producer in-person Gatherings in one of the W5 communities. Work with vendors and the Wellville team to make sure the event runs seamlessly.  (All travel expenses will be covered by Wellville.)
  • Payments: After the Gathering, ensure vendors are paid and oversee participant expense-reimbursement process.

Storyteller (freelance)

Wellville is seeking a freelance solutions-journalist style writer to help tell Wellville stories, with the ultimate goal of joining and amplifying the narrative change about what it takes to create wellbeing for all. Specifically:

  1. Document and publish stories emerging from the Wellville 5, and tie those stories into our big-picture narrative about the value of long-term thinking and investing in community health and wellbeing. We’re specifically looking for a solutions-journalism approach – highlighting the solutions, but not shying away from imperfections, barriers, etc. 
  2. Add these stories into the already-in-progress national narrative change around what it takes to build healthy, thriving communities. 
  3. Work with our Communications Director to adapt Wellville’s global message (as we continue to learn), and spread that message into spaces of influence.